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Steps to Complete Tax Return Filing

Tax return filing process
Tax return filing process
Crescent Tax Filing Free Tax Services Compared With Any Online or Tax Consultants Paid Services
Services Crescent Tax Filing       Only Students Tax Filing Portals Online Tax Filing Portals for Residents EAs, CPA's & Local Consultants
Tax Estimates Complete Estimates on forms 1040NR, 1040EZ, 1040, 1040A, 1040X etc. No detail break up, just final figure No detail break up, just final figure No detail break up, just final figure
Unlimited Consulting with Experts Free Not Available Paid Limited consultation Paid Limited consultation
Audit Support Free 365 days Paid Paid Paid
ITIN Free Guidance Paid Paid Paid
FBAR Assesment & E-Filing Free Paid Paid Paid
W4 Assistance Free Paid Paid Paid
FICA Taxes Claims Free Paid Paid Paid
State Taxes Paid Paid Paid Paid
Electronic Filing Yes No Yes Yes
Extension Filing Free NO Paid Paid
Relook or Examination of last 3
years filed tax returns
Free NO NO Paid
Maximum Refunds Guarentee Full Guarentee Limited Limited Limited
Email Assistance Quick Assistance Support Support Support
Customer Service on Call 365 Days No Paid Paid
Total Cost Of The Services Only Tax Filing Fees $400 to $600 $1000 to $1200 $1250 to $1800

Our Testimonials

It was pleasure working with Crescent Tax Filing over the past few years. Initially when i was referred by one of my colleagues I did not expect much from Crescent Tax Filing, but when I experienced their great customer service and high tax knowledge. I realized that my colleague was absolutely right. I feel that you should also have a great customer service of crescent tax filing.

Kevin Martin


I am much admired by the Crescent Tax Filing tax expert’s free consultations, they took all my tax related information and provided me Accurate Tax Estimates. When I compared the estimates with the other tax consultants i found huge difference in terms of refunds and accuracy, I would like to recommend Crescent Tax Filing should be your only Tax Filing Company.

Ankush Agarwal


I was very much impressed with the estimates of Crescent Tax Filing for clearly showing me the entire calculations of the tax estimates, without paying anything I got the entire calculated estimates. Other tax consultants just gave me the final figures instead of giving me the tax estimates of tax returns. I strongly recommend everyone to go with Crescent Tax Filing.

Ramana Reddy


I was called by the Tax Professionals of Crescent Tax Filing for last three years tax returns evaluation; I thought there is no point of getting any money from previously filed tax returns. When I was convinced for recheck, Crescent Tax Filing Tax Professionals took all my information, previously filed tax returns, required tax related documents and came back to me with the estimates...Read More

Gurvinder Kaur


My Employer has notified Crescent Tax Filing to file my taxes, I wanted to apply ITIN for my spouse and kids, I even approached the other tax consultants for the same but their fees was much higher than Crescent Tax Filing, even their service was very dissatisfactory, Later I learnt that choosing boasting tax consultants may result in my documents decline....Read More

Abdul Razak Nawab


I highly recommend Crescent Tax Filing because; they have helped me to deal with the IRS penalty notice. I was shocked to see the notice for tax returns which were filed by my previous tax consulting company, I called the company several times but the company did not respond and I was left helpless. When i was learned by my friend about Crescent Tax Filing which works 365 days....Read More

Aparna Chowdary


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