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FICA- Federal Insurance Contributions Act

Thousands of tax payers who were non-residents of United States been benefited by our Social Security & Medicare Taxes Service, where we assisted them in getting their money from IRS which was almost lost.

As per the IRS and USA tax laws students who are on F1, M1, J1 or Q visa need not pay any Social Security and Medicare taxes from their income, since they are considered as non-residents. The employer may withhold Social Security and Medicare Taxes from pay checks every month assuming that the employee might have to pay the taxes, if you are a non-resident and your employer has withheld any amount towards the FICA taxes your employer has to refund the amount, rarely we have seen any employer refunding the money.

Crescent Tax Filing will provide you the relevant forms which needs to be mailed to the IRS along with the letter from your employer stating that he/she has withheld Social Security and Medicare Taxes from your Pay Check by error, once the forms are mailed the IRS might take 06-12 months to refund the withheld taxes. The tax consultants in the tax industry are collecting fees for this service but, we are the only dedicated tax consulting firm of USA helping students without collecting any service fees in getting their erroneously held Social Security and Medicare Taxes back.

Crescent Tax Filing is the entirely client oriented tax consulting firm, and aims that any tax payer has any tax related issue can very well sign up on our website and get many value added tax services worth $2000, tax experts support all over the year along with the tax estimates without paying any fees.

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