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Free Tax Representation (for Audits/Notices/Enquiries)

Crescent Tax Filing will be happy to assist you in audits, appeals and collection disputes from IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and State taxing authorities. Our representation involves ensuring that the IRS and other state taxing authorities are following the rules and proper procedures during the dispute. With our tax representation you will be comforted in knowing that if your tax payer rights are violated.

Our tax professionals will constantly review the issues, and assist you through the entire process and taking the most appropriate actions as per the situation.

According to the latest industry news:

  • Less than 10% of CPAs are engaged in representation work.
  • Only 2% of Enrolled Agents are engaged in any form of representation work.
  • The vast majority of tax attorneys actually practice in the trusts and estates arena, not representation for collections and examination engagements.

  • To avoid tax problems, filing obligations need to be met by filing timely accurate tax returns and paying amount of tax shown on the tax return. Separate penalties are imposed for failure to file and failure to pay, it is always better to file the tax returns by deadline even if you cannot pay the tax by tax filing due date.

    If you have not filed your previous year’s tax returns, Crescent Tax Filing will provide you the tax estimates and after your consent with a nominal fee your tax returns will be filed with the explanation to the tax authorities.